Vengsarkar demands making U19 boys ineligible to play IPL

Former Indian captain Dilip Vengsarkar has demanded that BCCI should make all U19 players ineligible to play in the cash rich Indian Premier League. Vengsarkar’s demand has come after many coaches and players in the Mumbai Cricket community alleged that the current Nepal captain Raju Rijal has well passed his age to play the ongoing Under 19 Cricket World Cup in Bangladesh. ICC has chosen to back the player. There are also counter charges, not in open though, that few of the Indian players are also over age to play the same touranement. MCA vice president Dilip Vengsarkar threw light on this and said that outstation players come with two or three different certificates to Mumbai. This has become a big menace in Mumbai. Few have also failed to pass the bone or TW3 test. As per Vengsarkar the only way to stop these young player from fudging their age is to bar them from playing in IPL.